Dave Wagner
Dave Wagner set out to become a rock-n-roll guitarist at the ripe old age of 6 when his parents gave him a guitar for Christmas in 1970. He kept at it and started to play in bands in the early 1980's

Over the past 30 years  Dave's talents have branched out to also include performing , composing, recording artist, teaching, freelance writing, radio disc jockey, music recording and production.

He has produced artist's & musical styles which include Rock, Rap, Country, Folk,  Metal, and Blues and has contributed to over 60 recording projects to date

Outside of his guitar and producing skills Dave is also well
versed on the bass, drums and keyboards and is always willing to lend his playing talents to a client's recording project.

Some Artist Dave has worked with include:

Saber, Doctor X, Dick Wagner, Keith Kifer, Doug Tilley,
Dawn Fitch, Mike Siefert, Shane Lay, Six Feet Under,
Richard Favale ,Sin Sity, Yellow Matter Custard, Bleedstreet, Eddy Salinas, Kevin Kosub, 
The Wagner Brothers Band,  Tony Russo, Mathew Dee,  Brandon Bullard, Steve Shannon, Bill Bolzer, Gary Barstow, Hector Salazar, The Moronics, Fred Rhinehart, Jefferey Scott, Shawn Ballard, Dwayne Wilson, Jeff Winfrey, Bobby Trevino,  Chuck Finley, Tommy Hoyt, Will Erickson. Jakes Mountain, Glenn Smith, Barb Mitchell, Back Traxs, Ghost in The Graveyard and many more
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                                        of KINGS X              with LHT    Alice Cooper/Aerosmith